Lila Haham: Director & Lead Teacher


Lila Haham has created and been the director and lead teacher of Los Amiguitos since 2012. She has over 20 years teaching experience. She has taught preschoolers, school aged children, teenagers, adults and seniors. Her teachings include French and Spanish instruction, English as a foreign language, teacher training and counseling, developing curriculum for teaching Spanish as a second language for preschoolers, head of education project, and teaching classes in alternative education settings from preschoolers to 3rd graders.

She has integrated the importance of appreciating, learning about and caring for the environment as an important part of her teaching, training and mentoring.

Lila has taught in France, the United States, Lebanon, Ecuador, and in Guatemala to populations from varied socio-economical, educational, cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

Previous preschool-Kinder-2nd grade experiences include teaching English to French preschoolers, training teachers in Guatemala on how to teach Spanish as a foreign language through books and acting, developing a curriculum guide for multicultural/multilingual Mayan kindergartens in Guatemala, working as French pre-k teacher as well as a K-2nd grade teacher in an alternative school, and creating and leading two Spanish and French immersion home-based schools.


  • MA in Curriculum and Instruction, specialization in Multilingual Studies (University of Texas)
  • MA in International Relations (University of Paris, Sorbonne)
  • Early Childhood-4th grade, Bilingual Texas Teaching Certificate
  • Licensed school director
  • Preschool and kindergarten Montessori certified
  • Professional development in: Environmental and Sustainable Education, Drama for School, Storytelling techniques, Implementing educational projects, Conscious Discipline, Coyote mentoring, and learning strategies among many others.
  • Nia brown belt certified
  • Yoga 200 hours with specialization in kid’s yoga certified
  • CPR and 1st Aid certified
  • Growing Up Wild facilitator
  • Registered teacher trainer in the fields of dual language and diversity
  • Wilderness First Aid certified


  • Publications and formal presentations on environmental and sustainable education, bilingual and multicultural education, and teaching Spanish as a second language.
  • Trilingual (French, English, Spanish) and has also studied Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Mayan languages (Q’eqchi’ and Mam), and Latin.
  • Nia teacher (sensory-based movements to music that include among others yoga, martial arts, and dance.)
  • Professional clown experience
  • Professional storyteller in French and Spanish as foreign languages
  • Avid hiker, swimmer, dancer and traveler. Also enjoys gardening, connecting with nature, running with her dog, camping, Tae-KwonDo, Krav Maga,  playing soccer , listening to varied styles of music, being silly and continuously discovering and learning new skills.



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For specific Los Amiguitos testimonials, please check Yelp reviews 

M-H Nguyen — Academy Belle Colline

I would like to recommend Lila Haham as an extremely talented trilingual teacher. Lila is creative, flexible and energetic, and she uses her talents to integrate fun and creativity into learning for the children. She encourages, supports, and gives children the tools to become self-confident, independent, all the while integrating and adapting the different levels of language and math skills for the different age groups. Lila communicates and maintains contact with parents to keep them apprised of weekly plans and those periodic field trips, which are scheduled around the theme-based curriculum. Lila is highly motivated, responsible, dependable, and trust-worthy. I highly recommend her to you.

H. Simons — parent

This is my son’s second year at Los Amiguitos and I can’t say enough good things. He started off very shy and in his own world, and he has since blossomed socially and loves going to school every day. The head teacher Lila has a very special way with children and is full of amazing ideas for how to engage them and let them explore and have fun and learn together and independently. We love being a part of this community.

E. Fonner — parent

Lila and the Amiguitos community are outstanding. My son has learned so much Spanish, and the environment is one of joy and wonder and respect. He attended preschool there for two years and now, as a first grader, he attends theirgardening after-school program to maintain his Spanish. I love that much of their time is spent outside tending the vegetable garden or doing some creative science project or art project. I also love the nurturing home environment as well as the beautiful Montessori classroom. If I were a kid, I would want to spend my time at Los Amiguitos.

H. Murdock — parent

My two girls loved the fact that Lila really knew how to be with them in a playful way. I am not sure they even realized how much they learned during their time with her because it all seemed like so much fun! I really enjoyed the feeling that when I left my girls with Lila in the mornings for school, that they were with someone I trusted. I also knew that they were in a learning environment that was structured while still being fun, flexible while still following a curriculum, and amazingly loving.

E. Fontenot — coteacher

It is my great pleasure to highly recommend Lila Haham as a wonderful teacher and guide for young children. Lila is highly intelligent, caring, compassionate, and has a natural gift for working with children. She is amazing in her creative uses of drama, puppets and interactive lessons that capture students’ imaginations! On a personal level, she is friendly, outgoing, and dependable, and cares deeply for children. Lila has the intellect, perseverance and initiative that it takes to be a stellar educator and all-around amazing person.

P. Sylvana — parent

Lila has been a wonderful teacher for my daughter. Creative and engaging, Lila is able to grab their attention and make learning so much fun. My daughter would come home excited to share stories about one thing or another that they were working on. She was able to develop a great teamwork / collaborative environment for the class and my daughter’s Spanish language skills also improved. She also has a rare talent for getting kids to follow the rules, and enjoy it. Two thumbs up!

K. Lyons — parent

Lila Haham is an amazing teacher, full of energy and creativity that she harnesses to captivate the minds of children. As her student for 4 years, my daughter learned how to read, write and do math and she improved her Spanish skill immensely. Lila makes learning fun and accessible!


Dr. Nguyen — Schools without Borders

I highly recommend Lila Haham. During the time she worked with ESF in Guatemala as a pedagogical advisor, she always performed her job effectively, seriously, with creativity and dynamism. She worked with the improvement of the teaching of Spanish as a second language and in preschool program. She has a big adaptation capacity and she is a good team member.

K. Lyons — BookKids at Bookpeople

Lila has a great talent for connecting with children, drawing them into a story with her animated voice and gestures so that they understand the plot and characters as they learn the new vocabulary in Spanish and French. Native speakers also appreciated the way Lila’s stories and songs engaged their children. It has been a pleasure to work with Lila. She is a masterful storyteller, combining excellent story content with an inviting and comprehensible style of presentation. Story time attendees adored Lila and appreciated her talent. Always trustworthy regarding time and materials, always friendly and forthright, Lila quickly became a favorite with BookKids employees as well.  I highly recommend Lila!

G. Frenken — parent

Lila is just wonderful with kids. She has a seemingly limitless amount of energy and patience with the very young children, and truly enjoys working with children in their most formative years. She fills the classrooms with art, music, singing, dance and exploratory learning projects and while doing so maintains control over the classroom in such a gentle, fun-loving, yet down-to-earth and no-nonsense way that she gains respect and love from the children. She tracks the emotional, mental and fine plus gross motor skill development of each child and effectively involves the parents by communicating what she observes and working together to ensure the child blossoms to his or her full potential while in her care. Lila has truly brought child guidance and development to the level of an art form.

J. Sylvana — parent

I wholeheartedly endorse Lila Haham as an outstanding instructor. My daughter Celeste has studied with Lila for years and still maintains enthusiastic affections for her.

Some aspects of her teaching which are immediately obvious develop from the rapport and understanding she creates with children. They are a strong foundation for engaged learning and understanding.

Lila is animated and enthusiastic, two traits that can be hard to maintain working with a room full of children. Yet she remains the most energetic teacher I’ve witnessed.

Lila’s command of many languages and comfortable fluency in French, English & Spanish provide the intellectual ladder that a child can climb with confidence to achieve understanding of any of these. She has a profound intuition for communicating at the right level which stretches the boundaries of their learning with encouragement leaving the children exhilarated with their new knowledge and understanding. Countless times Celeste has arrived at home with command of new words or a new song eager to share her learning.

Lila’s empathy and intuition seem strongly evident in her classroom control. She is an adept master at redirecting behaviors which work against a good learning environment and helping children understand how to socialize effectively.

In short, Lila is a very effective teacher and I am absolutely comfortable recommending her to anyone.

Natalia Olsen: Teacher

I am so excited to be your kids’ teacher! It’s my second year at Los Amiguitos!

It’s going to be fantastic, full of learning and
exploring, I can not wait to learn all about
the children, but first here are some things
about me.

I grew up in Ecuador, where I worked in some
schools, my family and I moved to the beautiful
city of Austin 5 years ago. I am married to my
wonderful husband Alex, I have one sweet
daughter- Maiya she is 16 years old, I also
have a tiny dog- Winston.
We love to spend time together on the lake and walk the trails around my neighborhood.


Gabriela Cobian: Teacher

Hola! I’m Gabriela Cobian, a bilingual teacher with 5+ years of experience. I have a bachelor’s degree in early childhood development and education. Spanish is my native language since I grew up in Jalisco, Mexico

A bit more about me, I love reading and watercolor painting, and some of my favorite weekend activities are kayaking and exploring new restaurants. I’m a Taco lover!

I’m excited to be part of this team and I can’t wait to meet you all!


Andrea Pilonieta: Assistant Teacher / After School Teacher

Hola, I’m Andrea Pinieta. I grew up between mountains, in Mérida, Venezuela, the most beautiful and green city in my country. I was a scout master in Venezuela for 7 years. This experience made me love nature and learn a lot from it, and gave me a lot of skills to teach nature education. I also have a  Visual Art and Graphic Design degree, and strongly believe that Arts is a great way to learn about a lot of topics and sciences. I moved to Austin, from Alpine Texas, where I worked in a Montessori school. I’m arriving with a lot of ideas, and am excited to share my knowledge with your kids, as well as to get to know them.

In my free time I love to spend time with my family, paint, explore new places, travel, and dance- which is my second passion. The first one is to make people happy, help and teach good things for life. I live following an African philosophy “Ubuntu” that means, “I am, because we are”, based on the welfare of the community.

Erin Hazel: Logistical and administrative assistant

Erin Hazel has joined our team to offer logistical and administrative support so that the teachers can focus on what they do and love most!
She helps with communications, some operations management, and organization.
She is a licensed social worker and has worked in various nonprofits in Austin since 2007.
In her work and life, she aspires to honor nature’s role in healing mind, body and spirit, and is especially interested in the interweaving of ecotherapy, herbalism and environmental justice.
She enjoys supporting projects that align with her values by handling the procedural details so that things can flow more smoothly.
She and her family live in East Austin with their 15-year-old dog and their two cats.

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