Kindergarten – 2nd grade: A Meaningful and Engaging Curriculum

Please note: families wanting their child/ren to enter a Dual Language program do not have to do so in Kindergarten, but can integrate later since Los Amiguitos is an immersion program.

To make learning meaningful and engaging, children at Amiguitos study a broad array of themes and delve into cross-curricular activities and projects. Teachers decide themes, and many are driven by the children’s interests, lives and outdoor discoveries.

Project Based, Drama Based, Story based, Nature Based and Inquiry Based education are at the core of our pedagogy. We also use Montessori materials and integrate elements of Reggio Emilia approach. These combined approaches enables to meet each student at their level of development and interest while making learning meaningful and relevant.

By offering to serve children ages 5-8 (K-2nd grade), Los Amiguitos strives to provide a strong foundation in Spanish (French optional), academic and socio-emotional skills, as well as nature and community participation. Academics are integrated into daily school life and projects. Kinder through 2nd graders benefit from specific small group mentoring periods throughout the day, ensuring they will be ready to transition successfully to 3rd grade, while also participating in core projects with the rest of the school community that will provide them with skills necessary for the development of the whole child. The philosophy and pedagogy applied ensure learning is interesting, relevant and engaging and focuses on the Whole Child, Nature and different levels of Community (school, home, city, country, world).

At Amiguitos, the low teacher-student ratio ensures greater bonds are created and children are given more individualized attention, enabling for greater socio-emotional, academic, linguistic, and community development.


Sample Daily Schedule

8:30-9:30K-2nd circle time, activities and centers
9:30 - 9:50Snack time/story based learning
9:50 – 10:30Outside play/exploration/gardening
10:30 - 11:20Morning lesson and activity*
11:25- 11:40 Lunch time/story based learning
11:45- 12:15Outside exploration/play
12:15-1:00Individual and buddy reading/small leveled group activities/learning centers
1:00  - 2:00Projects
2:00- 2:15Closing circle time   
2:15 - 2:30Pick up

*Activities vary based on theme studied and day of the week. They encompass: art, gardening, project or drama based activities, projects, movement activities (yoga, sports, dancing, etc.), cooking, and integrate science, math, literacy, geography. Notes: Our schedule is flexible in order to best follow children’s needs and interests as well as the weather. Unless the weather is extreme, we are outside for our snacks, meals, some circle times and activities.  

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