Spanish for parents: Open to all

Come join our community builder Spanish class!

Classes are small (between 8-12 people) to allow for everyone to participate and progress and to ensure each person is met at his/her level.

Classes are geared either to beginner/intermediate or intermediate/advanced depending on how many are interested.

For all, the Amiguitos approach is followed, making classes more active, fun, engaging and empowering than traditional Spanish classes. Comprehension and expression of vocabulary, phrases and grammatical structures will mostly be integrated within conversations, storytelling, reading, art, songs, games, acting out, yoga, etc.

These classes are meant to provide you with confidence and tools for communicating with Spanish speakers. They are a fun way to practice and improve your Spanish, as well as get to know more of our interesting and fun community members!

For beginner/intermediate level, the class will give you tools for basic communication. If you child goes to Los Amiguitos, it will also partially integrate what your child has been doing, in order to give you tools to understand and respond to our child and enhance his/hers as well as your Spanish skills.

Intermediate/advance classes will integrate and expand on certain school themes to build fluency as well as incorporate others based on relevance and interest.

You can join the class for a semester or for the school year. Fall, Spring I, Spring II sessions are offered.

These classes are open to all, though Amiguitos families are prioritized.

We also offer Yoga en español, as well as hikes and campouts geared toward all levels of Spanish, integrating mindfulness, connection with self, others and nature, exploration, and hiking.

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