Our Enrollment Process:

1. Carefully check the website and Facebook page to ensure Los Amiguitos corresponds to your educational philosophy and to your needs.

2. Please note that Los Amiguitos is not able offer special services for children requiring extra attention to help them through severe learning disabilities, emotional issues or behavioral issues.

3. Fill out this application form

4. If you would like to apply for diversity scholarship for children from families of minority ethnic backgrounds or speakers of other languages needing financial assistance, please check in with us. We also offer bartering options in some cases. 

5. Schedule a family tour of the school

6. Carefully read  the Parent handbook 2022-2023  or Parent Handbook 2023-2024

7. Please confirm your interest and pay the non refundable $75 wait list fee via Venmo@ Los-Amiguitos to remain on the wait list. Please note that being on the wait list does not ensure enrollment; sometimes it happens fast (and you have 48 hours to confirm your spot), but sometimes it could take a year or two.

8. Upon acceptance, you will be asked to fill out our enrollment form and submit the $150 non refundable registration fee and $650 security deposit via Venmo@ Los-Amiguitos.



Classes and Fees for 2022-2023

(For 2023-2024 tuition, please check out the Parent Handbook 2023-2024)


  • If you would like to apply for partial diversity scholarship for children from families of minority ethnic backgrounds or speakers of other languages needing financial assistance, please check in with us.

3- 4 year olds

Early drop off7:45-8:45am$130/month for 11 month
5 days program8:45 am- 2:30pm$ 930/month for 11 months
3 days program (T-W-Th)8:45 am- 2:30pm$ 815/month for 11 months
After care 2:30pm- 5:30pm$330/month for 11 months
$30/day drop in

K-2nd grade

Early drop off7:45am-8:45am$130/month for 11 months
5 days program 8:45 am-2:30pm$930/month for 11 months
After school 2:30pm-5:30pm$330/month for 11 months
$28/day drop in


 After care  for all (3-5  years old)

Five afternoons
3:00pm-5:30pm$350/month for 11 months
Three afternoons
3:00pm-5:30pm$250/month for 11 months
Two afternoons
3:00pm-5:30pm$200/month for 11 months

 After School program-Immersion and Nature for all- (5-10 years old)

Mondays 3:30-5:30pm600/semester


Spring and summer camps

Weekly tuition
Amiguitos and ex-amiguitos$280/week
Non amiguitos$320/week

Adult Spanish classes:

Adult Spanish classes

Every other Mondays 5:00-6:30pm                                  $260/per semester (Sept-Dec)

$350/per semester (Jan-May)



  • Tuition is not subject to adjustment because of illness or absence, nor for days school is closed for quarantine, holidays, staff development days, bad weather…
  • A minimum of 6 families is needed for programs to be offered. 
  • Because of the immersion and community component of this program, families are asked to commit for at least a whole school year, if not two.
  • To ensure consistency for the group, it is required that a family give two months written notification (three in the summer). Tuition is paid during this time to allow for the group to find another family.
  • Community events (community gatherings, community campouts and community work mornings) are part of our school life and your participation is expected as much as possible. As part of the school community, families also contribute to the school life and environment based on their skills and interests throughout the school year.

Annual registration/administrative fee: There is a yearly $150 non-refundable registration and administrative fee upon enrollment or re-enrollment.

Security deposit: At the time of acceptance, a security deposit of $650 must be paid. The deposit will be applied to the last month that the child is enrolled at Los Amiguitos. It will not be reimbursed if your child does not end up attending Los Amiguitos nor will it be applied to the last month your child attends if you do not give a two months notice of withdrawal.

Supply fee: There is a yearly non-refundable supply fee of $350 per student. This enables us to have good quality Montessori materials, a great school application, as well as money for engaging projects and activities.

Calendar: Los Amiguitos strives to offer children a calendar that fits their growing and learning needs by allowing for regular short breaks throughout the school year.  This calendar has proven to increase positive engagement and learning while decreasing stress, sickness during the school year and needing to relearn and re-transition after a long summer vacation. For more precise vacation dates and days off, please check our School Calendar 2022-2023



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